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Finally, I generally have no idea what I’m doing with regards to technology, scripting, programming, etc. My only formal education in the technology world is one high school and one 100 level class in C++. Everything else has been haphazardly self-taught. So, if you’re going to try to implement anything I’ve written, tweaked, or otherwise posted about… or even if you’re notplease be sure to have a complete and tested backup of all your stuff. And a backup of that backup. I promise to do my best not to post anything that will result in data loss, but I can’t promise that it won’t happen.

Update 20140908: I’m starting to get interested in electronics and making a few small projects with my Arduino and Raspberry Pi, so I thought it would be reasonable to update my disclaimer to include electronics in the (long) list of topics in which I have no expertise. I make no guarantees that trying to replicate my projects or follow my instructional posts will work, and caution that working with electronics including any and all projects or posts detailed at could result in loss of time, damage or destruction of equipment or devices, damage or destruction of other property such as your home (e.g. electrical fire, power outage leading to loss of refrigerated food, etc.), or even harm to your health or those around you, possibly even death (e.g. when working at higher voltages). I implore you to work under the direction of someone that knows what they’re doing, because I don’t.