Bottom Line: I decided to post some visualizations of my internet speeds over the last year with different providers.

I’ve changed internet providers a few times over the last year (I guess closer to a year and a half now), and I thought it might be interesting to post how my speeds have fared.

The data has been collected in a few different ways:

To get the few hundred kb of download data out of my several hundred mb Home Asisstant database, I shut down the hass server and ran the following:

$ sqlite3 -csv config/home-assistant_v2.db \
     'select state, created from states
      where entity_id is "sensor.fastcom_download"' \
  > hass_speeds.csv

I think the best way to display the notebook is actually downloading the notebook as HTML and simply hosting that file as a separate page, so that’s what I’ve done.

Please see my results here: Notebook: My Internet Speeds for the Last Year.