Bottom Line: Here are the default packages on a fresh image of Raspbian Jessie, Jessie Lite, and Wheezy.

It’s not terribly uncommon that I want to give people instructions on how to install some software on their Raspberry Pi, and I can’t remember whether or not there are packages that they need to install as prerequisites. Other times, I want to revert some part of my Raspbian system that I’ve customized, but I can’t remember what software it came with and what I installed myself. Whatever the case may be, I’ve had a good number of times that I wanted to know what all of the default packages were, and I was surprised that I couldn’t find the answer on Google.

To that end, I finally got fed up running into this issue and decided to make a copy for my personal reference, and I figured I’d share.

For the lists below, I took a freshly downloaded image, copied it to an SD card, booted up, and ran sudo dpkg -l > jessie.txt. I then copied that file to my Macbook and proceeded with the next.

I’ve included the dates and SHA-1 as listed at, where I downloaded the images, since I’m sure there will be changes soon.

Raspbian Jessie 2015-11-21 (SHA-1 ce1654f4b0492b3bcc93b233f431539b3df2f813)

Raspbian Jessie Lite 2015-11-21 (SHA-1 97888fcd9bfbbae2a359b0f1d199850852bf0104)

Raspbian Wheezy 2015-05-05 (SHA-1 cb799af077930ff7cbcfaa251b4c6e25b11483de)