Bottom Line: Small update to my Pythonista script for sending multiple tasks to OmniFocus at once from iOS.

See my original post for context.

I had previously thought that Launch Center Pro (now also available on iPad) wouldn’t be unable to use my MultiLineOmniFocus script directly because its prompt can’t handle linebreaks. However, Kyle Reamer recently brought to my attention the fact that its Fleksy keyboard does support linebreaks. With a little testing, I found that it worked flawlessly with my existing MLOF script.

However, because Pythonista doesn’t support x-callback-url, I had hard-wired it to return to Drafts irrespective of what app had launched the script.

By tweaking just a couple lines of code, I found I could add an extra parameter to the URL used to call MLOF and have it return to whatever app the user wants. I think I have it set so that it will default to returning to Drafts if this option isn’t set or is set incorrectly.

Here are a few examples:

# Original URL to launch MLOF from Drafts, should still work:

# New URL to launch MLOF from Drafts (and return to it):

# New URL to launch MLOF from Launch Center Pro (and return to it):

As you can see, all you need to add is &argv= and the URL of the app you want to launch (including the colon).

Here’s the updated gist: