Bottom Line: LastPass has a “Save All Entered Data” button that helps fix the rare occasion when it doesn’t properly detect a form field.


I am a big fan of LastPass.  It enhances my online security in a number of ways, from generating and securely storing unique passwords for every site to searching leaked data from hacked sites to notify me if any of my information has been compromised.  Their frequent updates have allowed them to take advantage of features like 2-factor authentication.  Their transparency when they’ve discovered potential security risks in their system, including quick action to notify the affected individuals, has won my trust and respect.

They have a free version that offers most of the best features.  A premium account costs me $20 per year — about a nickel per day — and gives me access to their iPhone app, without which it would be nearly impossible to manage my hundreds of unique account passwords.  While LastPass certainly can’t prevent me making mistakes or others from hacking an account, using unique passwords makes it so that one account getting compromised doesn’t risk the rest of my accounts.  If you decide to give them a shot, my referral link is — I think it gives each of us a free month or something if you sign up for “Premium.”  I could honestly care less if you use the link, this is one of the few services that I’ll enthusiastically continue to purchase for the foreseeable future.

end #gushingLoveForLastPass

I’ve had a few — like 3 — sites that LastPass consistently didn’t get quite right.  For one of them, there were multiple login fields and it filled in the wrong field, for another, it never filled in my username (only my password), and for the third, it was a complicated login process that involved hidden usernames and separate pages for the password.  The quirks have been easy to ignored because they come up so infrequently, and I can manually type in or copy pasta the missing info.

A few days ago, I tried using the “Edit Form Fields” button to fix the issue, but didn’t have any luck using the form field “id” or “name.”  However, if I filled in a site, then used the “Save All Entered Data” button in the Chrome extension, it seems to do the trick.  Those three sites are now auto-filling the login credentials properly (although the auto-login feature isn’t working on those sites, not sure why).

Just thought I’d pass along this little tip and a shout out to LastPass for being an excellent, affordable service that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.