Bottom line: In case you haven’t noticed, I moved to WordPress. Hilarity ensues.

Due to a half-off sale for shared web hosting at Namecheap (who I used to purchase my domain name for a very reasonable cost), I’ve decided to take the plunge and set up a big-boy website.

I still don’t really know anything about html, php, mysql, etc., so even though this will give me the ability to set up cool website features, it will probably just remain a humble little blog and not much more.

One notable change is that I am going to try out WordPress.  I’ve seen so many attractive WordPress sites that I think it’s at least worth a shot. If nothing else, hopefully it will be a fun experiment.

Given my total lack of talent, training, or skill in this area, I hope you’ll give me a break if the site goes down or doesn’t work quite right for a while.  By the same token, please let me know when you find something that is broken or seems wrong.  The comments section below each post is a great post to let me know about broken links or images that don’t display, and feel free to email me about other issues.  Feedback about the new look is likewise appreciated.

Thanks for your patience, and wish me luck!